Sixth Form

Norwich High School Sixth Form Centre is a bustling, vibrant, purposeful and fun environment to spend time in.

There are plenty of social spaces, including the fabulous Café Valerie and the Sixth Form Common Room Balcony, which overlooks the whole of the school. There is also a variety of purpose-built spaces in which to study or meet. There is no typical Norwich High School Sixth Former so as long as you have a desire to learn and to be part of a community then you will find your niche here with us.

In the Sixth Form there is plenty to get your teeth into in addition to your A-Level commitments so please take some time to browse through these pages and get a flavour of what is on offer.

You will be a member of a small tutor group which is made up of students in both the Lower and Upper Sixth, enabling you to meet new people, give and share advice and this helps to reinforce the sense of Sixth Form community.

Your tutor is there to support and guide you, especially through the UCAS process and it is important to attend registration with them each morning.

Mrs Packer and Ms McCourt are your Co-Directors of Sixth Form. Mrs Packer is mainly responsible for keeping track of your progress and helping to keep you on the path to achieving your potential. She is also there for you in the case of any problems or concerns. Mrs McCourt is your Higher Education guru and she is there to guide and assist you in making the post A-Level choices that are right for you.

I love the community Torie Bartle, 2013