The Girls’ Day School Trust

The GDST is a unique family of 25 all girls’ schools across England and Wales.

Norwich High School for Girls is proud to be part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), being the first Trust School established outside of London in 1875 by the then Girls’ Public Day School Company (now the Girls’ Day School Trust). 

Founded in 1872, the GDST has a long history of pioneering innovation in the education of girls, and is the largest single educator of girls in the UK (and the UK’s largest educational charity). With 23 independent schools and two academies across the UK, nearly 4,000 staff, 20,000 students, and a group of inspiring women, the GDST reinvests all its income in its schools.

“We don’t just provide a first class education. We develop character. We help girls to be confident, resilient and fearless. In our schools, girls learn without limits: nothing holds them back.”

Cheryl Giovannoni, Chief Executive of the GDST

As experts in education, we recognise that girls learn differently for a variety of reasons. So we have created environments in which every girl is able to thrive, whatever her disposition and direction.

Our bursaries programme allows us to give gifted girls a GDST education, regardless of a family’s financial circumstances. Currently we provide 1,100 of these life changing bursaries nationwide.

GDST girls will make their mark on the world, in their own way, and on their own terms.”

The GDST runs events and initiatives so their schools and students can come together to collaborate and learn from each other – from the Junior Maths Conference to Leadership initiatives for our Senior and Sixth Form students.

The GDST commitment to diversity and inclusion

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