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Company Morning 2020




9am to 9.10am

An introduction to the day


9.10am to 9.30am

Activity briefing

and group Google Meets


9.30am to 10.45am

Work on activity


10.45am to 11.05am



11.05am to 11.35am

Rejoin group Google Meet


11.35am to 12pm

Continue working on activity


12pm to 2pm



2pm to 3.50pm

Sports day -

Around the World Challenge

A welcome from

the Head Girl team

10 minutes


Head Girls help

Code is: HGhelp


Company Home pages

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12pm to 2pm

Upload and view all of the entires via the Google Folder below


Company Morning Google Folder


2pm to 3.50pm

Sports Day -

Around the World Challenge


Click here for



Between 2pm and 3.50pm, your aim is to undertake some physical activity for your Company by either walking, running, cycling or rowing.


Once you have completed your activity, by 3.50pm you need to submit either your distance in miles/km, or the time that you were active for if you have no device to measure your distance with. All of this will then be calculated into miles to see how far your Company has travelled in the afternoon.


Please see the Google Sheet below for each Company where you can find your name and input your miles/km or time (please only input data into one column).


Remember to make sure you warm-up before you start your activity and take care to exercise in a safe environment. If you are going outside of your home, make sure someone knows where you are going!


The Company with the most miles and winning Sports Day this year will be announced as part of our final assembly, as well as the distance we have covered together as a school for our Around the World Challenge. Good luck!


Kind regards


Mrs Dwyer








We hope you have enjoyed your day!


Results will be shared in tomorrow's Final Assembly.

Good luck!


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