F24 team take to the racetrack at Lotus

Posted on 15th May 2024

Mrs Ryan reports on the recent F24 race day at Lotus’ Hethel Racetrack.

On Sunday 12th May, our Norwich High School F24 team took the electric racing car to the Greenpower heat held at Lotus’ Hethel Racetrack.

Despite facing adversity just 48 hours before the event, with a critical component of our car breaking during testing, our team rose to the challenge. Thanks to the swift action of Mr. Jones, Mr. Grapes, some speedy part ordering and a Saturday afternoon spent fixing the new part in to the car, we were ready to compete!

It was an early start on Sunday, but upon arrival our team wasted no time and quickly prepared for car scrutineering. Under the guidance of our dedicated mentor, Year 13 student Megan, our students navigated through a rigorous process with Greenpower officials, ensuring our car met all requirements for safety and performance.

Our students collaborated seamlessly and our car passed the scrutiny with flying colours before heading out for some practice laps. During these laps, all our students, whether seasoned members or new recruits to the team, gained invaluable experience and familiarised themselves with the circuit and being behind the controls.

With practice laps under their belt, our team approached the first race with determination. Anna, Amrita, and Doddy showcased their driving prowess, expertly supported by their teammates both on and off the track. One of the biggest challenges of race day is that you are not permitted to change batteries at any point in the 90 minute race, so it is an endurance race with a speed incentive – a tricky balance to strike.

Although race one presented its challenges, our team remained undeterred. During the lunch break, adjustments were made, strategies were discussed and the team rallied together, ready to tackle race two.

With Eleri, Amelia, and Varsini at the helm, our car took to the track once again, showing improved lap times and consistency. Supported by Yasmine on comms on the pit wall and the unwavering attention of their teammates, our team crossed the finish line with pride, having climbed up the standings.

While on this occasion we may not have secured a top-three finish, the lessons learned and experiences gained will set us in good stead for the next race. The camaraderie and teamwork displayed by our cross-year group F24 team are a testament to the benefits of such collaborative events and they had a great day experiencing racing life! Well done to them all!

We extend thanks to our exceptional team mentor, Megan, as well as to Mr. Jones and Mr. Grapes for their tireless support. And, of course, to our incredible team members!

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate our next race, with hopes of returning to Lotus in September. We are also excited to welcome new team members from the current Year 8 cohort from the new academic year and are on the lookout for a new sponsor to support our endeavours.

To Mark Andrews Joinery and Ideal Joinery and Kitchens, who have supported us generously in the past two years, we extend our thanks. If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring our team, please do not hesitate to get in touch.