Norwich High orchestra welcomes a special guest from local care home

Posted on 27th January 2023

This week, we were thrilled to have Robert, a resident at Chiswick House Care Home, join us for our orchestra rehearsal.

On Wednesday evening, Norwich High School for Girls students welcomed a very special guest to their weekly orchestra rehearsal.

The guest of honour was Robert, a resident of neighbouring Chiswick House Care Home, who turned 101 on Monday!

Robert was invited to hear the orchestra rehearse over tea and cake in Eaton Grove Hall. The rehearsal kicked off with a special rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to mark Robert’s milestone birthday.  

A keen musician himself, Robert followed along with the sheet music and brought his violin, which was tuned by Deputy Head Girl, Nora Rechel.

Kate Moore, Activities Coordinator at Chiswick House, commented: “Robert feels that his visit to the school was very motivating and inspiring. He now has a reason to pick up his violin and work towards playing this new piece of music. These little visits are a positive action and this time it was lovely to see the smile on Robert’s face when he was conducting the students.”

“We are thrilled to have celebrated such a momentous occasion with Robert. His passion for orchestral music shone through; a genuine inspiration to our students. I was particularly overjoyed to witness Robert conducting the orchestra for the final run through at the end of the rehearsal. His musicianship and finesse were incredibly evident and we are already discussing how we can work together again soon.”

Mr Mark Hall, Director of Music

Strengthening Partnerships

Robert’s visit is the latest in a strong partnership with Chiswick House, which we are thrilled to see go from strength to strength after a necessary pause in visits during the pandemic. Before Christmas, we welcomed several residents from Chiswick House to listen to our choir rehearse for the Carol Service.