Norwich High School Eco Week

Posted on 29th April 2022

Students organise inaugural Eco Week to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Last Thursday marked the beginning of Norwich High’s inaugural Eco Week, organised by the brilliant members of the Climate Crew, to engage our students in environmentalism and to increase awareness of environmental issues. Since Thursday we have arranged a whole host of tangible activities to encourage real action. Activities have included planting seeds, litter picking, clothes and book swaps, fundraising, writing to MPs, and building modules out of eco bricks.

On Monday, we led a Senior School intersectional assembly on the disproportionate effect that climate change has on People of Colour, women and indigenous communities. We, in the majority-White global North, contribute the most to the damaging effects of climate change, while others feel its effects more urgently. Whether because of rising sea-levels, infertile land, exploitation or the dumping of our waste. We tried to stress the importance of empathy, kincentrism (a connection with our Earth), and, despite it all, hope. Our students included an impassioned talk on inspiring women who are leading the charge in environmental action, and I hope it managed to inspire some to take responsibility and act.

There are lots of other new environmental initiatives in the pipeline, including a clothes swap in collaboration with charity New-U taking part next month. I (Mr Bull – love the idea of collaborating and am open to working with others or hearing from others if anyone else in the Norwich High School community has any views or resources they wish to share. I believe that the initiative and creativity that the Climate Crew have shown so far can lead to sustainable, impactful change for the future.