Norwich High School for Girls unveils climate change mural – designed by girls

Posted on 1st November 2022 by Emily Coutts

Students at Norwich High School for Girls have designed a new eco mural for the dining hall.

Students at Norwich High School for Girls have won an internal competition to design a mural for our dining hall to raise awareness of climate change. Girls were invited to submit their designs to the Climate Crew, which is part of our Clubs and Societies programme.

One of the winners, Angel Taylor-King, who is in Year 11, said that she designed her mural in response to global warming.

“Climate change is melting ice caps and raising sea levels, which could threaten many towns and cities with flooding worldwide. My mural depicts iconic Norwich landmarks such as the market and the castle, but they’re underwater. I designed it to help people visualise what it would be like if our beloved city was affected by global warming.”

Angel Taylor-King, Year 11 at Norwich High School for Girls

The other competition winners were Year 8 pupils Amelia Brayn and Felicity Breakwell. Felicity explained: “We chose to focus on bumble bees in our design. Bees are small, but when they pollinate flowers they have a big effect on the world around them. Like the bees, we feel that the small things we can do around school – like switching off lights and recycling – can be a big help to the planet.”

Climate Crew

Angel, Felicity and Amelia are all members of the Climate Crew, a society which meets every Thursday lunchtime to discuss ways to make Norwich High School for Girls more climate friendly. The group comprises students from Year 7 to Sixth Form and is student-led, along with support from Mr Matthew Bull, our Diversity and Inclusion Lead.

Earlier this year, the Climate Crew helped to run Norwich High’s inaugural Eco Week. Students ran a craft fair to raise money for climate charities as well as planting trees and sunflowers in the school grounds. Lola Morgans, our Eco Captain, organised a clothes swap with the sustainable fashion charity New-U.

“Our fantastic new mural highlights the social engagement of our students as well as their artistic skills. Members of the Climate Crew are passionate about reversing climate change and want to get their friends on board with this important issue.”

Mr Matthew Bull, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Norwich High School for Girls

Sustainability goals

Mr Bull continued: “Norwich High School for Girls is committed to improving its sustainability. We’re working to explore renewable energy sources such as solar panels. We are also continuing to look at ways to promote sustainability through our academic curriculum.

“Globally, young people are leading the way in the fight against climate change. I’m proud of all the positive local action being taken by the members of our Climate Crew. Sustainability starts at home.”