Made by girls

Prep School

At Norwich High Prep School our girls can discover who they are and have confidence to be themselves.
We give them the support and encouragement they need to make decisions, to find their own way and, when something goes wrong, to have the resilience to pick themselves up and start again.
Our girls are encouraged to embrace every opportunity that comes their way, to push the boundaries and spread their wings and fly –
with courage,
with determination
and, most importantly,
with independence.

“Norwich High Prep School and Nursery brings out the best in our girls. They thrive in the comfortable, family atmosphere that can be felt throughout the school, gaining the confidence to shine as individuals whilst flourishing as part of a warm, friendly community.”

Mrs Susan Roberts
Head of Prep School and Nursery

At Norwich High School for Girls Prep, we have developed an educational journey uniquely tailored to help girls grow academically and personally.

We know that for your daughter to truly succeed, she needs to feel confident, happy and settled in her day-to-day school life. At our private prep School, based in Norwich, Norfolk, each girl is known as an individual and each aspect of her character is embraced, enabling her to truly excel.

Our excellent pastoral care is led by a committed staff team and they nurture positive relationships with all of our girls, treating each and every one of them as an individual.

Within our small classes at both infant and junior level, your daughter will have the space to develop her curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Whatever her strengths, she will be given opportunities to challenge herself and stretch the boundaries of what she knows.

Academic excellence in the core subjects is a given but the curriculum is broadened by sporting, creative and problem solving opportunities that allow our girls to develop their skills and discover new talents. The girls’ artwork is displayed throughout the school, giving vibrancy and colour to the learning environment.

Our understanding of how girls learn best has enabled us to develop a collaborative classroom culture which is supportive and understanding so mistakes are valued and challenges are embraced. This gives our girls confidence to take risks as learners but also to feel comfortable enough to ask for help when they need it.

The three Butterfly Strands which underpin our pastoral structure, and our Qualities for Learning, which represent the characteristics needed for success, will provide your daughter with a route map to navigate her development as a learner.

At Norwich High Prep School, everything is designed to support your daughter to build her confidence as she grows with us. Her time in the Prep School, whether she begins this journey in Early Years or joins in Upper Prep Junior School, will help her build strong foundations both academically and pastorally for life in the Senior School.

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