Qualities for learning

Prep School

When they leave school, our girls will be joining a fast-moving, uncertain world, where skills such as being able to work in a team, see new perspectives and think creatively will be highly valued. It is never too early to start developing these key attributes.

The eight Qualities for Learning which we believe are the fundamental building blocks of character development, are embedded in the planning and taught explicitly through subjects like STEM, Bespoke and Science.

Norwich High School For Girls Qualities For Learning

By making these often implicit aspects of the learning much more obvious, we can help our girls to take control over their own development and drive their learning forward in preparation for the future where the ability to learn independently, challenge ideas and bring new perspectives will enable our girls to respond positively to whatever they face.

Each one is named and has her own story helping the girls identify which aspects of girls such as Dita Determination they may have already and those they need to develop.

Head’s commendations are linked to the Qualities and these coveted rewards highlight the importance of the development of the character traits.