Girls’ health

The School Nurse and Counsellor

The School Nurse:

Our School Nurse is available during the school day in the Health & Wellbeing Centre which is located on-site between Eaton Grove and Stafford House. There is a further medical room in Stafford House.

As a member of our Pastoral Team, the School Nurse assists the Heads of Year and is available to offer support for girls and parents if needed. They are always available to communicate with girls’ GPs or Practice Nurses / hospital clinicians with parents’ and girls’ consent. They also deliver PHSE sessions on a variety of subjects ranging from personal hygiene and periods to diet and nutrition. 

The School Counsellor:

The School Counsellor is in school on Monday (9.30am to 3.00pm), Wednesday (9.30am to 3.00pm) and Friday (9.30am to 1.00pm) and is available to both Senior and Prep pupils on an appointment basis.

Counselling is a voluntary activity that girls can choose whether or not to access. It is a strictly confidential service across all age groups in school, within appropriate safeguarding limitations.

Senior girls can make appointments through their Head of Year, Form Tutor, the School Nurse or Mrs Dolding, or they can self refer by emailing the counsellor at

Prep girls can also request counselling appointments themselves, or be offered them via their Form Teacher/ Pastoral Lead. In all cases within the Prep School, parental consent would be acquired before counselling could begin.

Support during the school day

Sickness / ill health during the school day

In the Senior School your daughter will go straight to the Health & Wellbeing Centre. In the Prep School your daughter will be seen by the General or Teaching Assistant and/or the School Nurse.

First aid

In the Senior School your daughter will attend the Health & Wellbeing Centre where the School Nurse will assess her. If the School Nurse is initially unavailable, your daughter will be assessed by the duty first aider and the Nurse contacted if necessary.

In the Prep School your daughter will usually be seen and assessed in the first instance by the duty first aider who will call the School Nurse if needed.

Parents and carers will be informed of any first aid treatment given on the same day either by email/phone or in your daughter’s planner or as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Medication and Immunisations

Medication in school

All parents are asked to complete the medication consent form included in the pupil’s medical records.

Prep School

Parents and carers of Prep girls will be informed of any medication given on the same day or as soon as reasonably practicable.

Any medicines brought in from home that need to be given during the school day must be sent in the original packaging, clearly labelled and with details of how much of the medicine should be given and when it is to be administered. This should be written in an email or in your daughter’s planner. Please also write in the planner if you have given a dose of medication before school including what time and how much (including calpol, ibruprofen and piriton). 

Senior School

All parents are asked to complete the medication consent form included in the pupil’s Health form on admission.

Parents are not informed on a day to day basis if any of these medications are given as consent has been ascertained.

Any prescribed medication that a student needs to have in the school day should be handed to the School Nurse and kept locked in the Health & Wellbeing Centre. It should be in the original packaging, clearly labelled with name and instructions of when to administer. The student will arrange timings with the School Nurse of when to come to the Health & Wellbeing Centre to take the prescribed medication.

Students are asked not to carry medication unless prearranged with the School Nurse. This does not include asthma inhalers and adrenaline. These need to be carried by the student at all times.


Current national programmes of vaccination will be offered to girls as appropriate. The national policies do change periodically and the School Nurse will ensure such changes are communicated if relevant to your daughter.

Health screening and checks

New entrant health screening

All new girls are invited to a health screening with the School Nurse. Consent for this is included in the medical record form. Parents do not need to attend the health screening, however are welcome to attend if they would like to. 

A report following this will be sent home. A hearing test is routinely carried out on Prep girls during this examination. Health care plans for chronic / ongoing medical conditions and protocols for those suffering with acute allergic conditions, such as anaphylactic conditions, will be completed at the onset of starting school. These are updated periodically. 

Health surveillance checks 

All girls will receive health surveillance checks with the School Nurse in Reception and Upper 3. Parents are welcome to attend. General health is discussed and growth checks are carried out at these appointments.