Meals and nutrition

Nursery and Prep School meals


Basic breakfast options are provided free of charge as part of our before school care for girls from Nursery to Lower 3 with a wider selection available for a small fee for which she will need to bring cash. 

Breaktime snacks

Whilst in Nursery, and also in their first term of Reception class, we provide varied snacks consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, carbohydrates and dairy products. The food provision across the day is balanced so girls can widen their understanding of different foods.

From their second term in Reception, girls are able to bring their own sweet or savoury healthy snack into school for break. It is possible to order either milk or fruit juice and a snack for your daughter to have at morning break, for a small charge. 

In addition, the Snack Shack, run by the Lower 3 girls, is open each breaktime selling a selection of healthy sweet and savoury snacks. Tokens for the Snack Shack are 50p each or can be bought in books for £5 and are available for purchase from your daughter’s Form Teacher. 

Please do not send sweets or chocolate bars as breaktime snacks and be reminded that we are a nut-free school. 


All girls have school lunch provided which is added to the fees bill. Lunch is freshly prepared every day, and all girls from Nursery to Lower 3 eat in the main school dining room.

A choice of meals is available each day and there is always a vegetarian alternative. Special dietary requirements are catered for including dairy free, gluten free and vegan options. The hot meal is supplemented by a self service salad bar which offers a selection of vegetables, tuna and cheese. 

Students are encouraged to try unfamiliar foods, but we fully understand and cater for those with conservative tastes. The catering team get to know the girls and their preferences and are just as willing to serve a taster of a new dish to try as they are to supply a second helping. Please get in touch if you wish to discuss your daughter’s requirements further.

All girls need to bring a water bottle to school each day.

After school care

A light tea of sandwiches, fruit and cake is provided during after school care at around 4:45pm with no additional charge.

Senior School and Sixth Form meals


The dining room is open from 7.30am to 8.15am, serving a range of breakfast items for Senior School girls and Lower 3 girls, as well as those attending the Prep School breakfast club. Daily menu items include cereals, fruit juice, toast, hot drinks, continental and English breakfast items. Costs vary, but girls can buy a breakfast with drink from as little as £1 to £1.50.

Hot porridge is available free of charge.


At breaktime, we offer a wide range of snack items for Senior School girls. Items available – many from as little as 50p – include paninis, muffins, biscuits, sausage rolls, sandwiches, scones and cartons of drink. Fruit from the basket is free for all students.


We encourage every student to have a wholesome meal at lunchtime. 

Girls from Upper 3 to Upper 5 have a school lunch (hot or cold) and this cost is added to the fees bill. Girls can choose a two-course meal or a school picnic lunch. 

The balanced, nutritious two-course meal has a focus on ‘homemade’. Menus are organised on a roster and are changed each term to match seasonable availability. We now offer a Meat Free Monday, and free fresh fruit is available all day.

The picnic lunch consists of a choice of sandwiches, pieces of fruit, cheese and biscuits and a carton of drink.

Girls are invited to eat together in the dining room and are not permitted to eat lunch in the classrooms. 

Students in the Sixth Form can buy a school lunch or bring in their own packed lunch. In good weather, girls in the Upper Fifth and Sixth Form may eat outside.

After school

The dining room is open after the school day from 3.50pm until 4.30pm for Senior School girls to buy a snack and a drink before working in the Library, joining rehearsals or PE matches, or even just before going home. 

A choice of snack items are available ranging from baked potatoes to sandwiches or homemade biscuits and muffins. Drinks and fruit are always available. 

The food forum

Form leaders and club captains have the opportunity to take part in the food forum which is held termly with Chef Barker. Girls can use this forum to shape the school menu for future terms. Chef Barker would also like to reassure parents that meat products are sourced from local butchers.

Current menus