Made by girls

Senior School

Confidence Made by Girls

As our girls grow and their awareness
of the world changes, often the
pressures they feel (both real and imagined)
begin to grow too.

Issues with self-confidence that develop
at this stage can impact young women for life,
and it’s our mission to create an environment
as free from challenges to the development
of self-confidence as possible.

Our girls are encouraged to keep playing
keep asking questions – keep speaking up – safe
in the knowledge that the girls and the staff around
them will SUPPORT them to do so.

We place a huge emphasis on wellbeing
and support, and treat every girl as the individual
that they are – with individual interests,
strengths, dreams and capabilities.
Every girl has a voice – we’re here
to help them use it, confidently.

“We are a large enough school to provide rich opportunities, but yet small enough that every girl is known and valued. We are ambitious for every girl, whatever her interests, and we give her a wealth of opportunities to discover new avenues.

Our girls are just as keen to pursue computing, engineering, and the sciences, as they are the arts, languages and humanities.”

Miss Alison Sefton, Head of Norwich High School for Girls

Welcome to our Senior School

Why Girls only?

Co-educational environments can place a huge pressure on girls, whose confidence and curiosity can suffer as a result.

Negative impacts on girls during their education can have much longer repercussions as they navigate Higher Education, careers and the decisions they inevitably face around balancing the demands of modern life.

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“Our daughter has just finished her year and is looking forward to her GCSEs next summer; the school is an excellent environment for her and we are delighted with her progress and the opportunities provided for her at Norwich High.”

Senior School Parent

Our all-girls secondary school in Norwich exists to rebalance the odds in your daughter’s favour. We create an environment where they are free to be themselves and can learn without limits. Where they support each other to be curious and confident, where there are no limits to what they can discover about the world – and themselves.

Our girls leave us resilient, passionate, and unapologetic – ready to lead, ready to explore what makes them happy, ready to follow their own paths. What we believe really makes Norwich High School for Girls special is the exceptionally strong sense of community; a community which lasts throughout their time here and long after girls have left the school.

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