Exceptional pastoral support

Sixth Form

An exciting time

We appreciate that in many ways Sixth Form is a dynamic time of change into adulthood; a time to make decisions about the direction your life is going to take. It is an exciting time where our students are gaining more agency in their personal lives and a greater degree of specialism in their academic lives, but it can also be daunting too. We are here to support you to navigate this journey successfully and avoid as many pitfalls as is possible.

There is a strong emphasis on wellbeing and just as the Sixth Formers offer support to their younger peers, there is plenty of pastoral support for you too. The experienced Sixth Form team – your Tutors, Heads of Year and pastoral mentors ably support the community and individuals. The School Nurse and Counsellor are on hand to help with more sensitive pastoral issues or concerns.

We understand that we get the most out of our students when you are happy and able to give your best to your lessons. With this in mind we have fun too. Social events such as the annual sleepover, or Big Night In, evenings out and ‘Fun Fridays’ bring the community together.

“Being part of Norwich High, as well as the wider GDST community, gives a warm sense of belonging and support which is uncommon for many other schools, and allows for personal development and growth in an extremely welcoming and friendly atmosphere.”

Sixth Form Student

Small tutor groups

Lower Sixth (Year 12) and Upper Sixth (Year 13) students are placed together in small tutor groups, enabling you to socialise and share ideas and experience with your peers. Tutors get to know each tutee well, providing coaching and mentoring on a one-to-one basis.

Small tutor groups ensure that the tutor can support each girl as an individual which assists greatly with the university application process.

Coaching and mentoring

We use the A Level Mindset coaching method which prompts each student to reflect on your own progress and encourages you to effect change where needed.

Additionally, pastoral mentors are on hand to offer extra support to those it would benefit, either in the short or long term.

“In an environment where you know people and people know you, in an environment ‘made for girls’, it is so much easier and better to achieve, and to quickly find your place.”

Sixth Form student


We offer PSHE to both Lower and Upper Sixth, exploring a wide range of issues including fake news, personal finance, health and world affairs. This is a key opportunity for students to consider the world around you and is an important part of preparing for life after school.

Opportunities beyond the classroom

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