Year 5 Enjoy Residential to Hilltop Outdoor Centre

Posted on 21st May 2024 by Mrs Atkinson

Mrs Atkinson reports on the recent residential trip to Hilltop.

Year 5 enjoyed a great residential trip to Hilltop Outdoor Centre in May. We enjoyed everything the British weather could throw at us, from a hot afternoon requiring a very welcome dip in the outdoor pool to a rainy morning spent up high in the trees on agility and highwire courses.

The girls were challenged to step outside their comfort zone and stretch themselves as they tacked assault and highwire courses and a very high tree top walk. Teamwork was very evident amongst all the girls as they stepped in to offer verbal encouragement and physical help to ensure that everyone achieved their goals.

As part of our Bespoke topic we undertook a river study of the River Glaven, measuring its profile and searching for wildlife, finding a rare native crayfish hiding in the river bank. On a lovely warm afternoon there was also the opportunity to cool of in the shallows and some wellies ended up containing just as much water as the river!

Throughout the trip the Hilltop staff commented on the girl’s courage and independence when tackling new activities and their resilience when things did not go to plan, including a couple of unexpected dips in the water on the assault course and an unwelcome brush with a bank of nettles.

Well done Year 5. You excelled in many ways on this trip, and we are very proud of you.