GDST LEAD 2023 launch event

Posted on 13th October 2023

Norwich High Sixth Form students attended the GDST LEAD 2023 launch event.

On Monday 9th October, Lower 6 students at Norwich High School for Girls, Hannah and Elitsa, represented the school at the GDST LEAD 2023 launch event.

The GDST LEAD Enterprise programme is run in partnership with the London School of Economics’ ‘Generate’ initiative. The programme is run as part of the sixth form ‘Activities’ programme, lasting for two terms.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to gain and develop new skills, collaborating with a team to bring an entrepreneurial project to fruition. Taking part in this programme results in students achieving a Leadership and Enterprise Advanced Diploma accredited by LSE.

The main focus of the GDST LEAD programme is for students to learn about their leadership style and about how to get the best from themselves and others. Each GDST LEAD team is assigned a mentor (a past student of LSE Generate) and is tasked with creating a business, presenting their business plan to secure start-up funds, and finally developing and marketing their business, in order to successfully sell a sustainable product or service.

The students said:

“During our trip, we learnt about what steps entrepreneurs, like Jo Wimble-Groves, took to become successful in the business world. As someone who is aspiring to go into a business career, I found great inspiration in listening to these powerful women, who have greatly succeeded, despite the challenges they’ve faced along the way. We also received advice on how to find our ideal career, how to achieve it and many other tips for future jobs. It was a very useful day, and we learnt a lot.”

“The LEAD Enterprise launch event was undeniably inspirational and fun. The event was insightful, especially with the chance to hear from successful entrepreneurs like Jo Wimble-Groves which provided a great deal of inspiration. Meeting like-minded girls across the GDST was enjoyable and equally notable was the opportunity to meet our LSE mentor who will play a crucial role in guiding and supporting us throughout this project. The event left me feeling inspired and well-prepared to explore the entrepreneurial world and I look forward to sharing with the school our business idea!”