Made by girls

Early Years

For girls aged 3-5

Discoveries Made by Girls

As our girls start out on their journey
with us, it is our mission to kindle their
innate curiosity – to give them every
conceivable opportunity
to explore the world around them.

It is why we talk about the importance of ‘discovery’;
because your daughter’s first years of learning should
be full of new experiences,
full of adventures,
full of questions,
full of possibilities
full of discoveries.

“There are never-ending opportunities for our youngest girls to get involved in a broad range of experiences. From the first year of Nursery, we offer specialist teaching in swimming, music, French, dance and forest schools – all on site. It is such a nurturing and caring setting, from our fabulous staff through to the peer support which our older girls give to our youngest.”

Mrs Rhian Barton, Head of Early Years at Norwich High School for Girls

Welcome to our Early Years Hub

Creativity, imagination and curiosity are at the heart of the learning in our Early Years Hub.

“The Early Years Hub is an excellent springboard for your daughter’s education at Norwich High. Starting as soon as she has turned 3 years old, she will enjoy a warm and nurturing environment where she can feel happy and safe from her very first day with us. Life is busy in Early Years and every day brings a new experience or discovery for your daughter to share with you.”

—Mrs Susan Roberts
Head of Norwich High Prep School And Nursery

We foster each child’s unique character and understand that young children develop at different rates. Through providing an enabling environment and a strong partnership between home and school we help our girls make a confident and self assured start to school life.

In Nursery and Reception the girls follow an individualised programme, ensuring that their enthusiasm for learning is nurtured and their enjoyment of the discoveries they make builds on their natural curiosity enabling them to make rapid and sustained progress. Each week the Early Years girls enjoy a range of opportunities from dance to Forest Schools, music to swimming which allow them to broaden their experience and skills. 

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“I am very happy with the school and look forward to my daughter developing into a well rounded and confident young woman.”

Early Years Parent

Spaces made for girls

Our newly refurbished indoor spaces are light and airy, allowing for plenty of room to take part in role play or lay out a train set, and are flexible enough to be reconfigured quickly to suit different activities. The dynamic learning environment in our nursery enables our girls to explore and take risks, letting their imagination run wild, as learning flows freely between the inside and outside spaces.

Outdoor spaces

Our exciting new outdoor play area is designed to inspire role play and the playhouses and dens provide a wealth of opportunities to be imaginative. The bespoke wooden structures for sand, water and mud play inspire activities that spark curiosity, stimulate learning and help the girls make sense of their world. From creating magic potions in the lab to producing the sloppiest mud pie worthy of The great British Bake Off, our girls are given room to explore and experiment and the freedom to make discoveries and mistakes. The tarmac track allows the girls to improve their balance on the bikes and scooters and the climbing frame and slide encourage them to be adventurous as they play.


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