Guided home learning

Throughout the national lockdowns and when students have had to self isolate at home, our use of technology has successfully enabled us to offer a comprehensive programme of guided home learning.

With each of our students having their own iPad and use of the Google Education Apps, they are fully prepared to learn from home. 

How are lessons taught remotely? 
The students follow their normal timetable of subject lessons for Guided Home Learning. Almost all lessons have live input through Google Meet for part if not all of the lesson. The aim is to teach in a way that is as close as possible to being in school. Using features like breakout rooms allows the students to be able to work in pairs or groups which the Teacher can drop in and out of to support or stretch. This provides vital contact with the Teacher and other pupils which is key to maintaining motivation, engagement and high quality learning.

How is work assessed and progress monitored?

Due to the proportion of live contact within lessons, it is often possible for staff to give verbal feedback as the girls are working. At the end of the lesson or task, the girls submit their work through Google Classroom and feedback is given by the teacher. Sometimes this is a recorded verbal comment and other times this is written feedback. 

In the Senior School, subject staff work in collaboration with their Heads of Department to ensure consistency across classes, making sure there is always sufficient extension and support material available for the students.

Code of Conduct

Students are expected to attend their online lessons throughout the day and we have a code of conduct for their behaviour online, such as wearing appropriate clothing and not eating during lessons. Google Classroom Guardian Summaries are sent weekly or daily to the parents so they are kept informed of their daughter’s work and deadlines. 

Safeguarding expectations

Pastoral care during a period of Guided Home Learning is key. By ensuring students have a significant proportion of each day involved in live sessions with their teachers, issues can be identified quickly and support provided. 

Girls who are finding Guided Home Learning more challenging are supported on an individual level by the leadership team who are able to work closely with the family and their daughter to resolve any issues.

Parent survey feedback – January 2021

Almost two thirds of the parent body responded to the survey across the Prep School and Senior School:

95% of parents said they were satisfied with the Guided Home Learning provision. 

92% of parents felt their daughter was connected to the rest of the school community. 

93% of parents said their daughter was finding the work manageable. 



It is important to add variety into a period of Guided Home Learning to allow the students to focus on other areas of interest and have some off screen time. Events during lockdowns included an afternoon of bird based activities linked to the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch and a whole day of colour, dancing, art and fun for our Express Yourself Day in the middle of Children’s Mental Health week. In the Senior School, enrichment included online Senior and Music Scholars’ Concerts, sports competitions, and a full programme of Societies.