Opportunities beyond the classroom

Sixth Form


The careers lunchtime talks programme gives students the opportunity to gain insight into a wide range of possible futures.

Our SIX+ lecture programme affords the opportunity to hear from wide-ranging experts in their field; one week you may be hearing about antibiotics in nature and the following week, about multilateral negotiation at the UN.

Clubs and activities

There are numerous clubs for the Sixth Form to join. Many of our Sixth Formers also run their own clubs. In 2021 a Sixth Former wrote and directed ‘The History Girls’ with younger pupils in the cast. Our Music Captain runs multiple music groups and many pupils help with sports clubs and Prep school activities.

Girls’ Day School Trust

There are also opportunities to take part in GDST groups such as the GDST student council or ecological society working with representatives across the network. A recent development by the GDST is their LEAD programme which gives students the opportunity to set up and run a social enterprise whilst developing their understanding of what it takes to be a good leader. The LEAD programme is supported by and accredited by the London School of Economics ‘Generate’ team.

Visit the GDST

“Being part of Norwich High, as well as the wider GDST community, gives a warm sense of belonging and support which is uncommon for many other schools, and allows for personal development and growth in an extremely welcoming and friendly atmosphere.”

Sixth Form Student


The annual Sixth Form Amsterdam cultural trip offers the opportunity to visit a plethora of different arts, science and history museums alongside trips to a large waterpark, a canal cruise and an excursion to visit a traditional dutch village.

Pastoral care and wellbeing

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