Norwich High School for Girls student Eva selected for U17 Ireland Netball Team

Posted on 15th February 2023

Year 11 student Eva has been selected to play for the U17 Ireland netball team and will soon be heading to the European Championships.

We recently caught up with Norwich High Year 11 student Eva, who will be heading to the European Championships at the end of February to represent Ireland in Netball:

“I have been playing netball for six years now. I play for my club team, Thoroughbreds, who play in East Region Division 2. I am also part of the U17 Saracens Mavericks Player Development Programme, which is a performance programme for the East based in St Albans. This is on top of playing in the first team in school and Ireland now!

A few girls who are in my performance pathway represented Ireland last year and as my dad is Irish, I thought I would go for it too. I had to do three rounds of trials all in Dublin each four hours long. The first was an open trial with nearly 100 girls there. They then cut down the squad to around 30 so it was an achievement to have even made it through the first cut! The second trial was more like a training session than a trial where we met our new coach and got to know each other a bit more however there were still cuts after. At the final trial there was 16 players left with only 12 spaces on the team. After a session of hard fitness testing and matches against the U19 and U21 team they had selected the final 12.”

“I am very excited for the European championships to get my first international cap as well as slightly nervous.

I am looking forward to playing against other national teams that I have never seen play to see how their style differs as well as staying over in the camp in Belfast with my teammates.

I’m also looking forward to watching and cheering on a few of my friends who will be representing the England team.”

“I currently play in the school first team which I really enjoy as I can share my passion for the sport with my team whilst hopefully teaching them some skills too all whilst having fun!”

“If I had to give advice to anyone who loves sport and hopes to compete at a high level, I would say don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone. When I went to the first trial, I knew nobody there and I was obviously nervous as I knew it was going to be tough competition, but I ended up making new friends whilst also pushing myself to play a high level of netball.”

The European Championships are taking place in Belfast from 23rd-26th February. Ireland are in a group with four other teams: Northern Ireland, Switzerland, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man. Best of luck to Eva!