Norwich High School for Girls welcomes our new Language Assistants

Posted on 11th October 2023

Meet our Language Assistants:

Fanny (French), Elvira (Spanish) and Judith (German)

As part of our Modern Foreign Language offering at Norwich High School for Girls, we have a Foreign Language Assistant for each language offered at school.

In the Sixth Form, the Language Assistants offer 1:1 conversation classes to all our students. During these informal 50 minute weekly sessions the assistants focus on practice for the speaking exam: stimulus cards, general conversation and preparation of their Independent Research Project. They also spend bespoke time with our GCSE students, helping them prepare for their speaking exams through role play, photo cards and general conversation. As well as academic support, our Language Assistants provide valuable cultural insights, explaining customs and traditions from their countries and providing helpful examples and illustrations.

We are thrilled to welcome this year’s Language Assistants to Norwich as they prepare to begin lessons very soon. We asked each of them to briefly introduce themselves…

Fanny, French Language Assistant

Je m’appelle Fanny, j’ai 22 ans. J’habite en Bretagne, en France. J’aime beaucoup faire du sport, de la cuisine, étudier et aller au cinéma.
Nous avons été très bien accueillies par l’école, tout le monde a été très gentil avec nous. Je suis déjà impatiente de commencer à travailler!

My name is Fanny, I’m 22. I live in Brittany, in France. I love to practice sport, to cook, to study and to go to the cinema.
We feel really well welcomed, everyone has been really nice to us. I already can’t wait to start working!

Elvira, Spanish Language Assistant

¡Hola! Soy Elvira, tengo 23 años y soy de Ceuta. Me gusta la playa, viajar y salir con mis amigas.
Estoy muy agradecida de poder vivir esta experiencia y la gran acogida por parte del colegio. ¡Amo aprender tanto como amo enseñar y espero poder transmitirlo a mis alumnas!

Hi! I’m Elvira, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Ceuta, a small Spanish city in the north of Africa. I love going to the beach, travelling and hanging out with my friends.
I am really grateful for being able to live this experience and the warm welcome into the school. I love learning as much as I love teaching and I hope I get to share that with my students!

Judith, German Language Assistant

Servus! Mein Name ist Judith und ich bin 22 Jahre alt. Ich komme aus Österreich und habe in Salzburg studiert. Meine Interessen sind Musik, Reisen, Wandern und mit meinen Freunden ausgehen.
Die Schule hat uns sehr herzlich empfangen und die Schülerinnen sind sehr motiviert. Ich freue mich auf die Zeit als Sprachassistentin! 🙂

Hello! My name is Judith and I’m 22 years old. I’m from Austria and I studied in Salzburg. Some of my interests include music, travelling, hiking and going out with friends.
The school has offered us a very warm welcome and the students seem very motivated. I’m excited for the time as a language assistant! 🙂