Believing in butterflies

Prep School

We want our girls to be the best they can be both as pupils and, more importantly, as people. We do not believe in ‘off the peg’ solutions and instead have designed two complementary approaches to ensure that our girls have a clear compass to guide them forwards; ‘Believing in Butterflies’ and ‘Qualities for Learning’. These two initiatives underpin all that we do in the school and do not just exist within our brochures, but are clearly visible in all of our girls.

Believing in butterflies

Our three Believing in Butterflies strands underpin all that we do as a school and help the girls become the best possible versions of themselves. Prep assemblies are themed to focus on one strand each term and these unpack the core messages and enable the girls to reflect on their development as individuals. Our girls reinforce how they have embraced the butterfly strands in their daily lives through a weekly reflection in their planners. These values also form the basis of the planning for each term in our PSHEE schemes of work.

Take care of the little things

  • We know that little things matter and we take time to appreciate them.
  • We learn that we are little parts of a bigger community, but we are all important and have the potential to bring about change.
  • We know that little acts of kindness and compassion can make a difference to the lives of others.

Grow a little every day

  • We use every experience to grow, no matter how hard, and know that perseverance is the key to success.
  • We know that making mistakes is an important part of learning about ourselves.
  • We are confident to be ourselves and celebrate the differences between us.

Be bold, be brave, and spread your wings

  • We are committed to giving our best in all things, seizing every opportunity.
  • We challenge ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones to do new and exciting things.
  • We are proud of who we are – strong, independent women.

Developing confidence and self belief

Our butterfly strands can be applied to all areas of life both in and outside of school. They enable us all to thrive as individuals. We believe our girls will make positive contributions to their communities, whether it be as pupils in our school or later in life when they embrace the world of work and the challenges that lay ahead. The butterfly strands will enable our girls to become the best possible versions of themselves to meet those challenges with confidence and self belief.