Starting out on the right track: Introducing the Norwich High School for Girls Prep School

Posted on 10th December 2021

Norwich High School for Girls Prep School

In a dedicated space within the 14 acre Norwich High School for Girls site, called Stafford House, there are wonderful things happening every school day at Norwich High Prep School and Nursery. Within the airy and spacious buildings and expansive ground, the girls thrive in a classroom culture where mistakes are valued, resilience is encouraged and independence is developed.

Susan Roberts, Head of Norwich High Prep School and Nursery commented: ‘We are proud to be the only single sex school in Norfolk so we can make sure everything is designed to bring out the best in our girls.’

As part of the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), the UK’s leading family of 25 independent girls’ schools, Norwich High School for Girls has unparalleled access to up to date research and thinking around single-sex education. Research shows that typically, girls prefer cooperative, discussion-led learning environments; adapt better to coursework tasks and collaborative, project-based activities; and respond to different forms of curriculum content.

Mrs Roberts continued: ‘Our broad curriculum, designed to bring out the best in girls, is specifically suited to both enhance and challenge their natural preferences. Enjoyment of learning is key and our experienced teachers plan stimulating and engaging activities which promote active participation to develop the girls’ thinking and decision making. In lessons, where little time is wasted on classroom management and a culture of collaboration and affirmation abounds, our girls are able to flourish.

‘As our girls find their feet in the Prep School we give them the tools to discover who they are and the confidence to be themselves. We give them the support and encouragement they need to make decisions, to find their own way and, when something goes wrong, to have the resilience to pick themselves up and start again.

‘It doesn’t matter whether it is getting to grips with a difficult maths problem, sorting out a friendship issue, or taking the lead in a class assembly, our girls are encouraged to embrace every opportunity that comes their way, to push the boundaries and spread their wings and fly – with courage, with determination and, most importantly, with independence.

We are delighted to have the capacity to offer places to girls aged from three to join our Early Years and Prep School community. In particular, joining at Year 1, 2 or 3 really does make a difference to how well girls settle into their school journey. Our girls have the space and the individual attention to develop their enthusiasm for learning and they look forward to coming into school each day. The freedom of a single sex environment enables our girls to have the confidence to develop their individual personalities without being constrained by convention. You are just as likely to see them playing football or climbing trees at break time as doing handstands and chatting with their friends and we are keen to let them enjoy their childhood for as long as possible.’

Norwich High Prep School for Girls accepts new admissions throughout the academic year. If you are interested in finding out more, please call 01603 453 265 or email our Registrar – to arrange a bespoke tour for you and your daughter.