Student Leadership Team 2024 announcement: Meet the team

Posted on 27th March 2024

Norwich High Head Girls Team 2024

Today we have had our Senior School and Sixth Form end of term assembly with an opportunity to say thank you and well done to our outgoing student leadership team – Head Girl, Erin Wilcox and her deputies Saanvi Shenoy, Rashmi Samarakoon and Syd Sydney. They have helped shape key aspects of the school year and lead with style, grace and compassion. We wish them all the best as they head towards study leave and their A Level examinations.

Following a competitive process involving letters of application, hustings and interviews, our new student leadership team has been selected for the next year. Following discussion with this year’s team, we have decided on a slightly different makeup of the team for next year so we will have a Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl alongside a team of three other Deputies who will take on roles as Social Action Leads – responsible for Charities, Services, Big Sisters, Wellbeing and Sustainability strands. Additionally, one Deputy will take on a specific role as link for the Prep School and Nursery.

Half the Lower Sixth year group put themselves forward for a student leadership role and, after impressing staff and students through the hustings process and Miss Sefton and Mrs Packer through the application letter and interview process, we are delighted to announce the new team as follows:

Head Girl – Inayah Alam
Deputy Head Girl – Phoebe Court

Three further deputies with specific roles:
Miranda Robinson – Social Action Lead
Hannah Williams – Social Action Lead
Lara Osbaldeston – Prep School Link

“It is always sad to come to the end of an era with one student leadership group but it is balanced with the excitement of announcing and working with a new group for the upcoming year. All students who take on a leadership role in school are to be commended on their hard work and dedication. I already know that Inayah, Bee, Hannah, Miranda and Lara will work well together as a team but also that they have the drive and determination to lead the student body as we head into our 150th year.”

Head of Norwich High School for Girls, Miss Alison Sefton

Director of Sixth Form, Hazel Packer, added: “The Head Girl Team, as representatives of the student body, will take on important and defined roles leading social action and specifically taking a leading role over the Big Sister programme, Charities and Services, alongside pulling together a broader team of social action leads in the school.  As a school we place increasing importance on our students as changemakers; recognising their own agency to make a difference and harnessing the power of the collective to drive improvements for the school and wider community. But that’s not all! We’re also dedicated to building a stronger, more connected school family. That’s why one member of the Head Girl Team will be specifically focused on strengthening the links between our Prep School, Senior School, and Sixth Form. We can’t wait to see how closer connections create an even more vibrant and positive school environment!”



“Hey there! I’m Inayah, and – as an aspiring medic – I’m studying all three sciences and Latin. From being Medical Society’s president to regularly participating in assemblies, I’m very involved in school life…and having been here for nine years, l’m also very well-versed in it! During my time here, l’ve grown to really love this place – but I’ve also recognised that some changes could be made to improve it! Outside of being a student, l’m a family girl, fashion enthusiast, huge Ariana Grande fan, serial binge-watcher of Netflix shows and henna artist.”


“Hi everyone, I’m Bee. I always aim to be a friendly and supportive person and hopefully, to many of you, I already am! I’m doing Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, hoping to enter a career in healthcare, either as a doctor or another medical professional – I just can’t decide! While these may seem like very science-y interests, I also enjoy reading, particularly fantasy novels. Outside of school, I love water sports including windsurfing, canoeing, sailing and wild swimming – you name it. I’m hard working, committed and willing to offer a helping hand or advice. I hope to improve your school experience and build connections between the Sixth Form and Senior School by listening to your ideas for clubs and events and supporting you as best I can.”


“Hi everyone! My name is Miranda and hopefully some of you may know me as I’ve been at the school since Year 6. I’m taking Classics, English and Art at A Level alongside my EPQ but I’m also an avid rower and coffee-lover. I hope to study Art History at university. I’m a creative person and keen on building the school community. Ultimately I would like to hear from you as more student-chosen activities create passion and enthusiasm. I am a very approachable person so whether you want to talk about new ideas or just fancy a supportive chat, I’m always all ears.”


“Hello everyone!! I am Hannah. I am currently pursuing Economics, Geography and Philosophy Ethics A Level. In addition to my academic pursuits, I like to challenge myself outside the classroom such as through improving my surfing skills. I’m all about having fun while making a difference. Whether it’s raising awareness about social injustices, tackling climate change, or just being someone you can come chat to in our community, I’m ready. The role enables me to connect to a broader audience, an exciting prospect which also aligns with my passion for leadership and commitment to being a good role model.”


“Hello, I’m Lara. Hopefully I will be a familiar face to many of you as I have been at the school from the age of three and I am involved in choirs, orchestra and I am a DofE ambassador. I am taking Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry A Levels – four flavours of Maths! I’m approachable, friendly and happy to talk to anyone. I am hard working and committed to creating the best experience for everyone in our school community. I would love to bring new activities to house mornings with the Prep School now we’re all in the same Houses.”