Summer Renovations: Enhancing the Student Experience at Norwich High School for Girls

Posted on 14th September 2023

Several spaces across the school have been transformed over the summer break.

It has been a very busy summer at Norwich High School for Girls. While students and teachers were enjoying their summer break, the school was a hive of activity, with our Estates Team working hard with builders and designers to transform several spaces across the school.

Everything we do at Norwich High School for Girls is motivated by the desire to provide the very best in education and environment for our students. We are thrilled to have unveiled several new areas across the Senior School and Sixth Form which will enhance student experience and allow us to better showcase some of the very best of student work.

Sixth Form Centre

Our Sixth Form is the jewel in the crown of the Norwich High School journey and we are proud of the achievements of our Sixth Form students both in the classroom and beyond. Our standalone Sixth Form Centre allows students the freedom to learn in an environment that is distinctively different to the Senior School but one where they are known and supported as individuals. Over the summer the ground floor of the Sixth Form Centre has had a complete makeover in a modern style of organic and natural interior design. The design is both biophilic and neurodiversity friendly therefore the well-appointed learning spaces are highly inclusive. Sixth Formers can now enjoy learning, working and relaxing in a bright and welcoming space with a fresh workplace/cafe-vibe feel.

“I have loved using the many new spaces created in the Sixth Form Centre. The modern designs along with the greenery make the space a lot more calming and I love how the architecture of the traditional house is still visible. My favourite parts are the new study booth where the lockers used to be and the History room.”

Saanvi, Norwich High Sixth Former

“The new renovations in the Sixth Form centre create quite a calming atmosphere, the colour scheme is refreshing and everything seems really well put together. My favourite part is Café Valerie as I like the inclusion of greenery and the new furniture which creates a nice social environment for everyone. The new renovations in the classrooms are now more comfortable places to learn.”

Erin, Sixth Form student

Eaton Grove Reception and Foyer

Our main reception area has also had a refurbishment as the first phase of a two phase project to prioritise the ability to showcase our students’ work and bring new learning spaces to the front of school. The first phase has seen the Reception and Administration area move into the Gadesden Room and the creation of a Marketing and Development office, leaving the Foyer as an exhibition space. The second phase (next Summer) will see the room opposite the Gadesden and the conservatory area transformed into modern teaching spaces that can also be used as event space for smaller gatherings of students, staff, parents and alumnae.

Communal Student Spaces

We have created two new communal spaces for Senior School students. Firstly, following the success of the Sisterhood Wellbeing Deck, we have refurbished the Wellbeing Lodge to include an indoor wellbeing space as well as a new medical room and offices for Nurse Page, Lizzie the Counsellor, Mrs Williams (trainee counsellor) and Miss Reed (DSL and Attendance Officer). Secondly we have created a Year 11 area around the Hub – Mrs Hood’s Head of Year office has moved to A corridor, opposite the Hub and a common room has been created in the old Learning Support room. Learning Support has moved to the old Administration office on B corridor.

“Our Year 11’s have returned to school to a new common room, where they can socialise with their friends at break and lunch times. It has been wonderful to feel the ‘buzz’ around the new room, and it has been full to the brim every break time. The students have been given privileges in this space to help them feel like they are ‘top of the senior school’, where they can be super role models for the younger students.”

Marie Hood, Head of Year 11

Thanks to the hard work of NHSA parents Carli Harper and Liz Turner and their team of volunteers, the Uniform Shop has had a refit this summer making it a more welcoming and user-friendly space. The shop is extremely popular with our parents and this update is a welcome refresh for this important part of school. A huge thank you to Carli, Liz and all the uniform shop volunteers. Find out more about the NHSA Uniform Shop here.

“Our students are at the heart of everything we do at Norwich High and these developments, along with the ones planned for next year epitomise that. Each area of our school, from the EYFS hub (redeveloped in 2021) to the Sixth Form Centre (refurbished this year), creates a distinctively different way of working for each Key Stage of school life. It has been fantastic to see the students enjoying the new spaces as the term has started.”

Alison Sefton, Head of Norwich High School for Girls

“It is great to see the school evolving whilst still keeping elements of the rich heritage of the buildings. The team behind the renovations have done such a great job and I can’t believe how much they have achieved over the summer. It is great to see the plants, and bright and fresh colours, and I know the students will all be really proud to have their work displayed in these areas. The second hand shop space is also really helpful especially as they now stock things like swimming hats and PE socks!”.

Norwich High School for Girls parent